Carpe diem

Human is an intelligent species emerging in planet earth. Our society is working in an ever rising efficiency that we had never seen before! Who thought that our ancestors had struggled with survival? With the advance of science and technology, our human supercivilization shall last forever. | So we thought. Overpopulation is proven to be a problem of the humanity. In 2050, 20 billions of human population had crammed into a tiny terrestrial world. | Fortunately, we have found the solution to the problem. Introducing Carpe Diem, a brand new social system that take the entire human population into empty chambers that has no food, no healthcare, just nothing for survival. The inmates have to stay in the chambers, awaiting for their slow, miserable deaths of starvation. | To sustain our civilization, we still have to keep some good human around. For this reason, those chambers aren’t exactly empty. Our clever engineering inmates would install a poison-sensing gate in each of the chambers, along with a poison outlet. For the groups of inmates that are willing to, they’d have to hold a bit of poison into their mouth, pass it to the next person until it reaches the gateway. The gateway will open up once all of the poison in the outlet are delivered. After earning a brief moment of freedom, it’d take our guards a few hours to catch them and put them back into their chamber. | ...Would you be up for the challenge?
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ACCESSIBILITY - Basics covered
ART - Well-Rounded
Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Unzip the file and open it with Unity2017.03


Producer: Calvin

Developer: Kingson

Designer: Lewis

Musician: Sadale

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