Call The Police

In this game, you are a robotCop that works in The Center Bureau of Analysis and Decodification of Defective Messages (CBADDM). Your mission is to hear the received messages, fix its problems by using your own ear judgement, and send them to the police system when they are correct, so they can be passed on. The message comes scrambled in 5 defective fragments, that you have to fix each one of them, organize them in order, and finally send them. To fix the problems you have in your disposition several Machines that fix errors,. like: * correct very high or very low Speed (Pitch); * amplify very low Volume; * remove present Static Noise; * invert Reversed audio. In order to understand the whole message, you should also order the fragments in the Slots Machine in the correct way. Be quick, trust your ears and do not fail, ranger! * Best played with head-phones in 16x9 resolution
Jam year: 
AUDIO - Player Remixer
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
UNITY 3D, Zbrush 4R8, Maya 3D 2018, Photoshop CS6, FL Studio 12
Installation Instructions: 

- Unzip it, and play

- Use anykey to advance the tutorial
- Press SPACE to pick one message fragment, or to put the picked message in front of you, or to interact with the play button.

*Best played with head-phones in 16x9.


João Rodrigues - 3D Artist

Artur Júnior - 3D Artist

Rafael Benjamin - 2D Artist

Herman Ferreira - Audio Guy/Programmer

Daniel Machado - Audio Guy

Matheus de Sousa - Programmer

Luciano - Programmer

Game Stills: 
Source files: