Bunker Broadcast

Welcome to your career amongst the stars! Bunker Broadcast is your all-expenses paid opportunity to see worlds of paradise* while working to connect the cosmos! We offer a private living quarters** with all your human comforts*** while you man the stations, sending messages into the beyond. Join today, your amazing**** new life awaits! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * does not apply to most planets, stations typically exist underground and therefore have minimal interaction with external enviroment ** employees will be stationed alone *** 1 to 2 human comforts including in package **** the survival and sanity of recuits not guaranteed _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bunker Broadcast is a 3D isometric point-and-click task-based game based on the idea that you must continue to transmit messages in order to earn food, all the while maintaining the functionality of the bunker you inhabit. We were unable to implement the majority of gameplay mechanics since we were an all arist team with access to a programmer for a 1/4 of the GGJ weekend, but we plan to finish up this little game post-GGJ.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Cameron Bragg - Tech Artist / Enviroment Artist

Craig Jones - Developer

Ethan Casiello - Character Artist / Animator / Sound 

Meggie LaGrone - 2D Artist / Branding 

Special Thanks to Todd Moulder for assisting in development in the second-half of the weekend.

And thanks to Miracle Musical for allowing us to use their song "Dream Sweet in Sea Major" off of their album "Hawaii: Part II"

Game Stills: