Break Force

In the land of 'Wherever' the Cutie people lived peacefully until aliens invaded and trapped them within cages! A lone Cutie with a star in its belly fights back by flinging into their friends, transmitting their force to break the walls that bind them! Transmission of Force: Build up great speed by colliding with your many Cutie buddies. Collect power ups, make use of explosions and launch yourself to expel more force to free yourselves! No Cutie left behind: Be sure to push your friends out before leaving yourself, and do not use too many moves or you will become too tired to escape!
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Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip folder for your OS.

Double click on application to start.


Lead Programmer: Mr. V,

Secondary Programmer: Daniel

Tertiary Programmer: Shay Konradsdottir,

Story Writer and Level Designer: Diego Smith

Art Director: Ashley Zumstein,

Asset and Tile Creator: Cameron Boesch, @cawaboart

Additional Art: Sora Ngin,

Lead Animator: Ken Sparks,

Composer: Riker Sandvik, <>

Sound Designer: Preciosa Roberts <> & Riker Sandvik

Game Stills: