Bottle Royale

GGJ 2018 theme is announced in New Zealand. All communication channels, including internet and wireless communication is blocked to prevent Hawaiians' early access to the theme. Still, we may try ancient ways. There is a message in the bottle which contains the GGJ 2018 theme. It is thrown to the sea by jammers of New Zealand. Help the bottle on its way to Hawaii. Help the theme spread to the furthest as early as possible. By the way, the earth is flat (at least just for this game).
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ACCESSIBILITY - I can see clearly now
ART - Well-Rounded
CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - Under the Influence
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
Developed using Unity3d, Photoshop and 3dsMax.
Installation Instructions: 

Just run appropriate executable file (exe file in Windows or app file in Mac folder). Use left mouse button for wave, right mouse button for wind. Wave moves you further but its cool down duration is greater. Stay away from sea vehicles, sharks, logs. Also there is a hidden cheat key, which teleports you somewhere near your final destination. Also, you have 100 seconds to reach your target. Otherwise, theme will be announced at its expected schedule (not cool).


 - Ahmet Aycan Atak (Designer/Programmer)

 - Gökhan Altay (Designer/3D Artist)
 - Simge İlgün (Designer/3D Artist)
 - Oğuzhan Kabakçı (Designer/3D Artist)
 - Kerem Oktay Bilici (Theme Song)
 - Gözde Berberoğlu (Sound FX)

 Thanks to all jammers for their great support.

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