Blond-Escape is about a classic horrorfilm situation with attention to the theme 'transmission'. You play with a Friend on a split screen on wich one of you will be the victim and the other a murderous killer. The goal for one of them is oviously killing the scared teen girl. She has to run to the radio towers scattered across the foggy forest to gain reception on her phone to call for help... Controls: (X-Box controller) -Murderer: X = hit, A = Jump, right-trigger = run -Victim: A = jump, right-trigger = run When killer runs through light sources he gets stunned for several seconds.
Jam year: 
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 




Environment Artist: Michael Kaiser

Character Artist / Programmer: Dominique Mowius

Tech Artist / Programmer: Dominik Geuer

Game Stills: