Bird's Eye

You're Hawkins, a young Journalism major in your very first gig for a big news outlet. In this game, you'll explore the city, interview citizens and take pictures to come up with a killer headline for your boss, Mr. Datuna, a relentless cat who's been in the business since the radio was king, and is considered a tyrant madman among his employees.
Jam year: 
That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Character Design:
Marc Knelsen (@elranno)

Environment Design:
Flam Singer (@FlamSinger)
Juliana Emy (@Emy_ai)

Music and SFX
Grag (LeonardoLima#0383)[Discord]

Jim Aude (@rabid_rodent)
Marcos Koga (@KogaXSDragon)

Writing and Narrative Design:
Lucas Millan (@Hreter)