A long time ago, there were two tribes, the lefties and the righties. The two tribes were exactly the same, except for one key difference, their orientation. The lefties perpetually faced left, while the righties alway looked right. Because of this key difference, the two tribes never got along quite right. One fateful night, in the year 1400XX, the situation got out of hand, and one of the lefties spit at one of the righties, for knocking over their beer. Both sides insisting they were right, this event quickly became known as "The Spittening". Now, well over a hundred years have passed, yet the battles still rage on, nobody really remembers the event itself anymore, but the hatred for either side is so strong that nobody really cares anymore. Today is the day we march for victory.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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BattleDrums is a 1v1 rhythm game where you have give commands to your units by tapping on the beat. Each unit corresponds to a single key. By tapping one of the rhythms shown on the screen, you command the unit to perform that action. Begin to tap a command at the same time the shown rhythms turns green. When the rhythm is still green, you can continue to tap the command. But when the rhythm turns red, you have made a mistake and you have to wait for the next bar to start again. Tap when you see a high bar and don't tap when you see a low bar.

Pim: Sound

Jordy, Roxanne and Sam: Code

Patricio: Art

Bob: Manager/Game Design

Game Stills: