Bashin' Fascism

You, Claudia (female) or Romero (male), are a Liberal spy at a fancy ballroom party. There is a Fascist Agent who is spreading their Fascist ideology to the impressionable party guests. Interrogate suspicious guests to gather clues about the culprit -- then track, find, and shoot him/her before they destroy your government. -----> How to play: Move using WASD. Left click to interrogate a guest that has just been converted. Right click to shoot your suspected target. Game starts as either a female/male spy agent (Claudia/Romero). Guests may be converted when speaking with the Fascist Agent (paper tearing sound, they tore up their Liberal card!). Soon, they will proclaim their conversion with a red, shouting speech bubble. Interrogate a guest that has just been converted for clues on what the suspect looks like (glasses, hat, clothing color). If you suspect someone, track their movements. If they path away from a conversation and someone from the conversation then converts, it's probably them! Do your duty, save the government! You will not be able to quit the game, because the government wants you to play forever! Also, the piano has a dark secret.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art made in Photoshop.

Jason Spafford - Scope Fascist/Programmer/Team Manager

Brandon Risberg - Communist/Party Guest Printer/Programmer 

Jenny Wheat - The Means of Production/Artist/Fashion Designer

Matt Hines - Imperial Sympathizer/Programmer/3D Environment and Piano Aficionado

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