Always on Static

You joined a brand new always on - satellite based gaming service! While you are playing a game on your TV, the other player is on the roof trying to catch the right signals so you can keep on playing. If he fails, you get more and more TV static and your game gets harder to see until you can't see anything but static noise. Always on Static is made out of two different games, one 2D, one 3D, both made in different engines but still working together.
Jam year: 
META - Inception
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
C++, SFML, Box2D
Installation Instructions: 

Download both games, unzip them and start them seperatly on two computers. Then find out your own IP and share it with the other player. Enter the other players IP in each startscreen and then you are ready to start the game. 


A Game by Justus Scheil (Programming, Music), Georg Marth (Programming) Felix Szczesny (2D Art and Animation) and Erik Nürnberg (3D Art) 

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