Our game's story is, the main character lives in the future. The ecosystem is destroyed in his time so he wants to get out of the world. He gets a spaceship and explores a new planet. He founds a planet and creates a house so he starts to live in that planet. He makes a machine which makes energy by using wood and stone. One day he goes to explore the planet and he sees a zombie and runs his house and makes a weapon which uses the energy that is produced by the machine to get saved from zombies. The gameplay is quite simple. The machine produces energy to reload the weapon. You can not attack in the morning and zombies also do not attack in the morning. In the morning you get an axe to get stone and wood, and in the night the axe changes to the weapon and you can save the house. The zombies have a feature. If you shoot a zombie with the energy, the zombie transmits half of the power to another zombie to get lower damage for himself. The aim is to save your house.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Ahmet İkbal Adlığ

Yakup Emre

Enes Kaan Boyar

Furkan Uğurlu

Yusuf Demir

Mustafa Afat

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