52 Hertz

52 Hertz Whale Guiding Simulator =) !Please Notice: A Contoller is needes as an Input-Device. Best played with Headphones on.! Features: Guiding a Whale as one or two whales through the dephts of the ocean. Dont forget to see the surface from time to time to get some Oxygen. Leveldesign was still in development at the end of GGJ18. But still: enjoy. <3 Story: “Once upon a time”, that’s how stories began in the older days. The ocean remembers them, and just like all the whales he is a home to, he never forgets. This is one of his most heartfelt tales. Once upon a time, there was an old whale couple who would communicate at 52 Hertz. Their daily schedule was rapidly overthrown when they discovered a lonely whale baby far deep in the neverending depths of the ocean, and not a single second did they hesitate to carry her home and raise the whale like she was their very own child. Year after year passed by, and whilst the little whale grew bigger and even bigger, their foundling never truly learned how to communicate with her fellow species - her natural frequency was too different for the other whales to understand. Concerned, her aged parents decided to take her on a journey to search for more whales of their kind, so they would rest assured that someone takes care of their beloved child when they would eventually pass away. And this is where the story begins...
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Gamedesign and concept art: Olivia Betsch, Sophie Weinfurtner, Janina Buschmann, Radsolaw Kusmierski

Programming: Phillip Rath, Julian Viezens

Audio & Support: Vivien Baguio

Game Stills: