3 Players must communicate to successfully mine precious ore on a far off planet. Bandwidth is limited, so they must compromise to be able to function. Drive, aim, and get the lay of the land, and work together -- or argue and run out of time. One player drives; another player aims the turret; and another handles the overhead radar. Fire at the blue targets, and avoid the red ones. Bandwidth is proportional to the overall performance of the roles. Driver will be able to move faster; turret will aim better; radar will be more accurate.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Internet connection required. Networked through Firebase.
Installation Instructions: 

Open the .exe


Programming by
- Erwin Dennis Umali | kazukishida
- Nigel Rodriguez | neegool

Design by
- Joseph Benjamin A. Pacia | swedishmoose

3D Models
Taken from Poly by Google
- level 1 turret by Ethan Zaruba-Walker
- Rocket Buggy by John Askew
- kinda a cave by God Appeasers
- Rocky Base by Lee Mason
- Stone by 'Poly by Google'
- Rock by Spirit Ambassador
- Rock Forms 4 by S. Paul Michael

Source files: