Warp Zone: A Free Global Jam in Amsterdam 2017

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Open for 24 hours: 20-21 January 2017
Jam Site Description: 

We baaaack! The Warp Zone: A Free Jam in Amsterdam is returning for its fourth year in 2017!

The Warp Zone Free Jam in Amsterdam is a 24-hour Global Game Jam site in the rebel heart of Amsterdam, the Vondelbunker. NO COMPETITION AND NO ENTRY FEE! Last year, this year and every year to follow, the Warp Zone Free Jam in Amsterdam is 100% free and open to everyone! 

Are you a veteran game developer looking for creative freedom? You've found the right place! Are you an artist from a non-games background? Join the fun! Never made a game before? No problem! Worried you don't have enough experience? Don't be silly, we've had children join in! The Warp Zone family are a friendly, creative and open bunch and we welcome EVERYONE to join in the jammy fun!

The Global Game Jam is an annual gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating games all over the world within a short span of time. Game developers, programmers, game designers, artists, musicians and any other discipline are all welcome! And if you just wanna hang out and party, that's ok too! Bring your friends, let's party!

Date: 20-21 January 2017
Time: 18:00-18:00 (24 hours)
Location: De Vondelbunker (Vondelpark 8a,1071 AA, Amsterdam)

Participate in the world-famous Global Game Jam FOR FREE!

Competition free! The process is your prize!


Take the main entrance of the Vondelpark (across from Holland Casino). Keep going straight into the park until you reach a bridge (the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat will be over head). Before passing under the bridge, just go to the right and follow the brick wall to the dead-end. The bunker is in the bridge and the door to the bunker is in the brick wall opposite a hedge maze.

If you need help, you can contact me at 06-81181724. The bunker is a real WWII bomb shelter so phone signals cannot penetrate it. If you can't contact me, just try again later or I'll call you.

See you there! ;)


- Food and drink. There will be a bar where drinks, beer and wine can be purchased through the evening. All money goes towards keeping the bunker running, so go nuts! There is also a supermarket and some snack bars in the neighborhood. It is advised, however, that you bring your own food and drink. There will be a microwave available to use. If you can, bring stuff to share. We're in this together. ;)

- Bedding (sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, etc). Not that you will be sleeping much but the bunker can get cold at night. Make sure you're warm enough!

- Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deo). Unless you can't be arsed. We won't judge. ;)

- Laptop, adapter, any additional equipment, things to make games with. Bringing equipment others can use too (3d printers, VR headsets, controllers) make you extra cool. ;)

- Your good vibes. ;)

We will provide work-space, internet, electricity, plugs tables and chairs. There will also be a bar with soft-drinks, beer and wine.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me: [email protected]

We hope to see you! And "spread" the jammy world!

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
power strips, electricity, internet, a bar
Who Can Participate: 
Everybody Welcome!
Age Restrictions: 
18+. The only exception to his rule, is if the minor is accompanied by a legal guardian at all times while attending the jam.

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