GGJ @ The Art Institute of Portland w/ PIGSquad

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We have room for up to 100 jammers; additional participants may jam remotely.
Teams will be formed on site at the beginning of the event, though you are welcome to come with your own team pre-formed.
All game mediums are welcome (board, video, traditional).

We will welcome the public for the last 2 hours of the jam for an informal showcase of our games and community.

Official registration and full event details can be found on the Eventbrite page starting 12/26/16; this GGJ-hosted website is reserved for participants on-site the weekend of the jam.

For more information about the Portland Indie Game Squad, visit

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A simple game where you train your dude to survive the endless hordes that assault him. (I ended up only having about 12 hours to work on this, so consider it a micro-jam!)
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