Win And Vex Enemies

Local multiplayer 1 vs 1. Pick energy cells and use them to attack (shoots a wave) or defend (activates an invulneravility shield for a short time). Each player can store up to 3 energy cells, if a player stores 4 they become an extra life. The current amount of energy cells stored by each player is shown in its own sprite. Controls: Player 1: -Move: WASD -Shoot: F -Shield: G Player 2: -Move: Arrows -Shoot: O -Shield: P
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


  • Luis Miguel Montes Novella
  • Alejandro Selma Garcia
  • Carlos Torres Martínez

Graphic designers

  • Ana Guillen Fernández
  • Iris Escrivá Muñoz
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