White Tears

White Tears is a Tamagotchi-like idle game in which you have to educate a white baby by exposing him/her to various cultural items and explaining him/her what there are about. But you have to think carefully and choose your words wisely: your baby is gonna remember everything you say, and each sentence is literally gonna let a print on his/her soul. You probably won't be proud of a child who considers other cultures than his/her own as trendy phenomenons and interchangeable "new waves" that you can just throw away when it is not edgy anymore. So try to raise the most awesome human being you can! (Engine: Deconstruct2) ///// HOW TO PLAY: 1. When your baby is claiming for food, drag and drop one of the three items below his/her cradle onto him/her using the tactile screen of your smartphone (or your mouse if you play on your computer). 2. To talk to him/her about the object you choose, simply tap on the sentence of your choice once it poppep on the screen.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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CORE TEAM: Game Design: Thaïs Arias / Lena Dobric Development: Alessandro Legato Graphic Design: Volodia Chamard / Lena Dobric UI/UX Designer: Thaïs Arias PART-TIME / FULL TALENT: Sound Design: Timothée Sonnier Music: Antoine Chabroux-Wert / Alexandre Bobe Many thanks to Yufeng Huang, Antoine Tirmarche and Grégoire Carabeufs for being awesome, skilled and shiny!

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