Whales Hate Birds

Whales Hate Birds is a one to four-person game. It can be single-player on a keyboard with the arrow buttons or it can have up to four players by plugging in an Xbox dongle for PC. We recommend Xbox controllers for multi-player. Game Instructions: Use the left joystick to swim in the ocean (one person can use the arrow keys on the keyboard). The faster you are swimming when you leave the water, the higher you will jump! To win the game, EAT THE MOST BIRDS. Turn on your sound to hear the music. Sign up for a free GitHub account and play now at https://cdileo.github.io/GGJ2017/
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Another way in
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser.js library from phaser.io and Mongoose Binary Server Application (free version)
Installation Instructions: 

From source files: Unzip the folder. Must be run from a server, for example, you can download Mongoose at https://www.cesanta.com/products/binary . Drag and drop Mongoose.exe into the source file folder. Start playing by running Mongoose.exe.

From executable: Unzip the folder. Start playing by running Mongoose.exe (windows) or Mongoose.dmg (mac).

No installation necessary: Sign up for a free GitHub account and play now at https://cdileo.github.io/GGJ2017/


Game created by: The Pod

Angela Chen - Programmer

Chris Dileo - Programmer

Madoka Nara - Artist

Roxanne Taylor - Programmer

Soundtrack by: Michael Fraser from Tree of Audio

Knewave font from Google Fonts

Game Stills: 
Source files: