Whale Defense Force!

The whales are under attack and we, the Whale Defense Force, are here to save them! Our next target is the dungeon known as Whale's World. Our goal is to destroy it and send the whales back to the ocean. Our eco commandos are suiting up in their whale suits and preparing for assault. We are the Whale Defense Force! ===Controls=== Switch Character: ASD, Jump: Spacebar, Movement: Arrow Keys ---Character Abilities--- Flow: surf on water (Z), dash (X); Flex: break certain tiles below (X) or in front of you (C); Floyd: breath underwater
Jam year: 
Lost library card
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

Chris Leonhardt - Project Lead / Character Concept Artist 

Reed Norstrom - Lead Programmer

Jeremias Eppler - Programmer

Nathan Golen - Programmer

Koji Okayasu - Programmer

Kristian Skistad - Level Designer

Adam Gacke - Level Builder / Quality Assurance

Paula Rodriguez - Artist

Dillan Schmidt - Concept Artist

Tyler Tobeck - Character Animator

Kip Kinnunen - Sound Designer

Aaron Steele - Music Artist

Roger Wallace - Utility


Flow - Kristian Skistad

Floyd - Kristian Skistad

Flex - Aaron Steele

Guard - Chris Leonhardt

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