W.A.V.E.S. (War Against Very Evil Ships)

W.A.V.E.S. (War Against Very Evil Ships) Our game is about having fun. It's a mix of checkers, chess, and battleship. Enjoy! The objective of the game is destroy the other enemies Queen. RULES Small Boats - 2 HP, 3 Spaces, 2 Units Medium Boats - 4HP, 2 Spaces, 2 Units Queen Boats - 6HP, 1 Space, 1 Unit MECHANICS Turn - Either pick two cannon cards or one card from the special pile. You may move three ships per turn. You may use one special card per turn. You must move three ships if you have four or more ships. If you have less than four, you are required to move at least one ship. All movement is done before initiating combat with another ship. Battle - Once a ship is in your attack range, you can elect to attack. If you do, select one of your available cannon shots and/or a special card that you would like to use. Only one cannon shot per ship. Special - Players may activate only one special card per turn. Barriers - Should you choose to use barriers, roll two 12 sided dice to decide where the barriers will be placed. One piece of the barrier must be placed on the coordinate rolled, and can take up either two or four spaces. Placement of the barrier is decided by the player whose side the barrier falls on. Movement - You can pass through the space of a friendly ship, however it still counts toward the ship’s movement. You may not have ships occupy the sane space. Mines - Mines can be placed anywhere within your attack pattern. It can be placed on an opposing player’s ship, but they will not take damage unless they remain on the mine for another turn. A ship will take damage from a mine if they land on or pass through an opponent’s mine. When activating a mine, the player must announce that they are placing a mine. They then write down the coordinates of its placement and places the card face down in front of both players. When the player reaches the coordinates indicated, announce that they have just activated the mine and flip over the card to reveal the space. EVENTS - After ten turns, or five cycles, an event card is drawn which will affect the board based on the card drawn. There are two even cards for each event. Rough Waters x2 - Movement speed +1 for all ships. Calm Seas x2 - Nothing happens. Lightning Storm x2 - Roll two 12 sided dice to determine the row and column that will deal one damage to all ships that occupy the same space as indicated by the dice. Naval Scurvy x2 - Discard one card. Buried Treasure x2 - Each player draws one special card. Barrier Shift x2 - Roll to add one barrier to the map. CARD EFFECTS Cannon Shot x30- Deal one damage to target ship within range. Strong Currents x10 - Increase movement range of all ships until the end of turn. *Can only move three ships still. Mine x10 - Place a mine on the board that deals two damage to enemy ship that lands or passes through the space. Mines can be placed on the board within range of any ships you control. A player who activates a mine must write down the coordinates of its placement and puts it face down in front of both players. When the opposing player passes over it, the player who activated the mine can reveal it to deal damage. Repair x10 - Recover health of one target ship based off of the number indicated on the card. Anchor Down x10 - Target ship cannot move until its controller’s next turn. Long Range Assault x10 - Increase attack range of target ship until the end of turn. Heavy Barrage x10 - Deal two damage to target ship within range. *Fall in Line x4 - Deal one damage to all enemy ships that share a row or column with the Queen. *Artillery Devastation x4 - Roll a die to deal “x” amount of damage where “x” is the number rolled to target ship within range of the Queen.
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Preston DeMarco

John Corry

Johncarlo Zani

Patrick Iannone

Clayton Szelestey 

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