Wave Tracer

A multiplayer side scrolling, point collecting game. Follow the level without hitting the borders and your points will increase. But your opponents will try to smash you into the walls.
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MS Windows
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You and up to 4 friends control colorful squishy blobs though a wavey corridor and try to push each other around. You have 90 seconds to get as many points as possible by not hitting the upper and lower wall. If you hit too often, you will be punished with a small off-screen penalty.


The game can be controlled with Gamepad and Keyboard. You join by pressing a button or the spacebar. You move around with the left analog stick, dash with A and resist with B. A keyboard player uses the arrow keys and A + S.


This game was made with Visual Studio 2015 and uses MonoGame. All libs are included (VS should fetch missing things via NuGet).


* Patrick Kranz // lokimidgard

* Tobias Krumholz // SirKlausi

* Robert Rößger // Liquidchrome

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