After a radical and uneducated United States administration took power in the year 2017, efforts to stabilise climate change were halted, due to an ignorant belief that such a thing did not exist. In the distant future, the polar ice caps have completed melted, and the sea level has risen over 7,600m. Nearly all land on Earth is submerged, except for Mexico, saved by the titanic wall built around the entire border. Hardly anyone survived "The Great Melting", and the last remnants of human civilisation now live on ramshackle floating rafts, house boats, or ships. While the exact location of Mexico is no longer known, many survivors are intent on walking once again on dry land, often turning on one another for the chance to start again in the new world. You were captain of the prestigious "Boaty McBoatFace", originally a research vessel, but modified to survive in the harsh realities of present day post-apocalypse. Hearing a rumour that you had discovered the mythical location of Mexico, raiders attempted to board "Boaty McBoatFace", but the conflict ended up destroying it. You awaken floating in the ocean, saved by a sturdy door, the only remaining piece of your magnificent ship. With steadfast resolve, and random trash floating in the ocean, you plan to rebuild what you have lost, and find your way to Mexico - last dry land on Earth.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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