Wacky Willy Weiner Sausage Surfer

A Megadrive surfing game with a twist. Sausage, the Origins : --------------------------------- Once upon a time, the Global Game Jam 2017 had just started for Bjorn and Cr30s and the first goal was to avoid spoiling the theme during games pitching over the live feed. Therefore, the mighty word of Sausage was introduced to cleverly replace the real theme : WAVES. "From now on, one must pitch there game by every mean that is the sacred sausage-word" said a mischievous coder from the back of the room. One story leading to another, we decided to stick with the sausage theme and the Willy "wacky" Weiner was born. The Game, or it is ? ----------------------------- The main concept was to create a rhythm game for Sega MegaDrive/Genesis similar to a Bit Trip Runner, Rez, and so on. The wacky Willy Weiner (his real name) has to please the mighty king of all seas - the sea lion seen in the jam keynote video who waves his flipper at the end - by surfing a crowded wave and collecting cool items. The rhythm part comes from the layout of these elements. The more you get the better the background music improves. Additionally some digitized sample of a TV documentary on the true "Strasbourg's sausage" is played while collecting the items. Carefully though ! You have to avoid sharks who love your sausage, I mean sausages, in a general way, not especially yours ... sausage. How hell this devilish contraption works : --------------------------------------------------------------- Download the archive Extract it and just double click on either : - Credits_launcher.bat for the greetings - or Game_launcher.bat for the game Kill it ! Kill it, kill this monster ! End is sufferance ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you will see the game is still some lines of code away from completion, but it's always fun to meet some challenges in game jams by coding on a retro platform. So yes there is no game over, the enemies/bonuses do not move (in fact they did but then the player wasn't able to go right, which was both technically weird and made the game unplayable). Anyway we've learned a big deal on how to make music and sfx for this console, we had a lot of fun with the digitized samples (by the way you can use the A/B/C buttons to trigger them at will). A very big thank you at AstroFra Scorpheus and Movida for organizing the Orléans jam site and let us use their offices. See you next time space-coders !
Jam year: 
Chipping In
Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
- Game made with the SGDK framework: https://github.com/Stephane-D/SGDK - Audio done using DefleMask : http://deflemask.com/ - Graphics completed by Grafx2 : http://pulkomandy.tk/projects/GrafX2
Installation Instructions: 

Use an emulator or real hardware + flashcard.

Tested on a Sega MegaDrive II with a Everdrive-MD flashcard.

  • Code by Cr30s
  • Gfx by Cr30s & Bjorn
  • Sfx by Bjorn


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