Wacky Waves

Taking a leaf from the books of Snake, Spore and Katamari Damacy, Wacky Waves charges the player with control of a living wave with dreams of becoming the biggest, baddest and wackiest wave in the tidepool. From the start of each game the player assumes control of their newly emergent wave amongst a tumultuous sea of crazed surfers, unstable boats, serene islands and ambitious rival waves, through careful control and unchecked aggression they’ll grind, grow and crush their way onto the scoreboards of history. Controls: Left & Right Arrows - Turn Wave Tips: - Absorbing various objects & other waves will increase your momentum and mass, giving you the ability to absorb larger objects. -Maintaining your wave on the edge of a shallow area will cause you to grind, granting an increasing speed boost, maintain the grind to gain score - Performing multiple tricks in a row or absorbing objects will grant you a chain bonus
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Autodesk 3DS Max Logic Pro X w/ Native Instruments, Kontact & Komplete Plugins Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop


Dave Cooper - Programming

Chris McMath - Programming

Scott Richmond - Programming

Patrick Hore - 3D Art

Rebecca Underwood - 3D Art

Petros Sklies - Sound Design & Music

Lee Moon - QA, VFX

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