It's a tactical-action-finger-breaking-simulator. You need to reach the wave center to win the game. And yes, those waves will kill you. No need to rush, find yourself some safe cover and wait for the right moment. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, you are blind. But you can still find those covers right? PS. Due to some tech issues, cover system is kinda buggy. Hopefully will be fix in next version :P Control: W S A D or/and Arrow keys for movement (Hints: You need both legs to run in real life. I told you this is a simulator for a reason. Bet you can figure that out. :D ) 这是一个战术-动作-折磨手指-模拟器。 你需要到达发出波动的中心以达成胜利。 嗯,碰到波动你会挂掉。 不要着急,找个掩体等一下,等波动过去了再冲。 啊,对了,还有个忘了告诉你的小情况,你是瞎的。我相信你还是可以找到掩体的对吗? 控制: W S A D 或者/以及 上下左右 控制移动。 (提示:在现实生活里跑起来需要用到两条腿,我跟你说了这是个模拟器是有依据的。聪明的你猜到了吗?) 附录:掩体目前还有些bug,如果不出意外的话,下个版本会修复这个bug。
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Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game music created using Figure. UI created using Adobe Illustrator.
Installation Instructions: 

Run InvisableWaves.exe to start playing.



Team How Learn Wood


Game Design  游戏设计

ShuoHigh , _Black_ , BigHead , Fulcanelli , Agito , Butadove

Programming  程序编写

ShuoHigh , _Black_

Visual Design  视觉素材

Agito ,  Butadove

Game Music  游戏音乐

ShuoHigh, BigHead


Support  其他支持

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