Volt is an platformer game in which players use electricity to speed through circuitry and create electromagnetic fields to solve puzzles and fight enemies. Instructions: Joystick - Move Press A - Jump, Enter/Exit Outlet Press X - Drop EMF, Activate Dropped EMF Hold X - Deactivate Dropped EMF
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
PlayMaker (www.hutonggames.com) *The Unity plug-in PlayMaker is required to work with the files in the Unity editor.
Installation Instructions: 

Windows Smart Screen may prevent game's build from launching upon opening for the first time. If so, click "More Info" then select "Run Anyway" to launch the game.

For an improved game play experience, decrease "Graphics Quality" from "Beautiful".


Thank you to the Global Game Jam for creating and holding this event each year and to Unity, PlayMaker, Adobe, and Autodesk for your products which allow us to make these games.

Special thanks to Sam and Jason for hosting our jam site and, of course, for everything you've taught us about gaming over the years (as well as bringing our team together)!

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