a short twine story. I wasn't feeling great, so I went home and made this from bed.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
I would have liked to make this with paper and pull-tab technology, but I don't have any paper. It was pretty exciting learning how to use the pen tool in illustrator. But I think I need a mouse if I want to do this in the future. I made this in Twine 1, using Sugarcane. I would have liked to use Twine 2 + Sugarcube (as all the tutorials recommended) but the click to play gifs were pretty important to the story and I couldn't make it work in Twine 2.
Installation Instructions: 

**Please note: this only plays properly in Chrome for now**

**It will kinda play in other browsers, but not properly. I welcome tips on this if anyone knows how to fix it!**


I made this in bed. Thank you to the internet.

Thank you to Lorenzo & berlingamescene.com!

Thank you to the organizers of Global Game Jam Berlin. I had some great snacks while I was there.

Game Stills: