Trumps Mexican Wave

A satire game based on the idea of building a wall to stop Mexicans crossing the boarder to USA. You play President Trump flying in a helicopter and your goal is to build a wall. To do so, first you must make the Mexicans pay for it.* How to play:- Click on the board to move the helicopter around the game - when you get close to the "waves" of Mexicans you will pick up their money. once you have enough you can place wall blocks onto the yellow squares. Take care of the diversity meter - if this gets to 100% then the USA is far to diverse and you lose the game. *Note - Our game is based on the many comments Mr Trump has made over the past year on the topic - our intent is to poke fun at this as satire - not to offend anyone based on race or political view point.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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