Trumps Against Humanity

Trump against wind, wig and words. .. You are Trump at his first press conference as president and have to answer the journalist's questions! Unfortunately it's quite windy today, so your hair is in danger of flying away! Goal: Keep the nation from seeing your bald head by tilting it underneath your hair. Answer the journalist's questions by choosing two parts of an answer that fit together and win by uttering a complete sentence. Reach the end of the interview! Game Over: Lose audience approval by slipping hair and garbled sentences. Controls: Keep your head steady with the left and right arrow keys (or left and right arrows on the dance pad). Answer questions by choosing answers with the up and down arrow keys (or up and down arrows on the dance pad). Most fun with a (Dance Dance Revolution, Stepmania or similar) dance pat.
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Another way in
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Made in custom HTML5/Javascript environment.

Controls: Arrow-Keys

Up/Down: Choose Answers

Left/Right: Keep Wig from falling

Game Stills: