Trump Wave

Trump Wave - as in Mexican, as in Stand Off! This is a Sifteo v1 game, using the first generation of Sifteo Cubes, although there is a simulator you can use with a little work installing things. Trump is POTUS, and wants World War: the Sequel. One player is helping him to escalate, while the other wants to de-escalate DEFCON. Flip real or simulated Sifteo Cubes in the right order to {start|end} the Big One. And remember to make America great again!
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Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
The colour and the shape
To me, to you
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Other digital platform
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Technology Notes: 
You will need the v1 SDK for Sifteo Cubes, and will need to do a regedit to get the software working, as is sadly no longer with us.
Installation Instructions: 

This is not complete, and will need additional software installed to run. Better instructions when it is all done! There is a bug :-( that prevents restarting if Player 2 (trying to save the World!) fails. Some say this isn't a bug, but an accurate representation of what would happen in World War III; except, of course, you cannot just restart the game...


Dr. Mike Reddy, and quite a bit of the Internet. Oh, and Lord Trumpington the Second, of course!

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