Tribal Scramble

Your tribe needs eggs! Compete with your rivals to be the first to get 10 golden eggs in a wave-tastic battle on the seashore! But beware the waves, as they're going to scramble your plans! Controls: Supports up to 2 players with Xbox 360 wired Controllers or the Keyboard. On controllers, you move with the left analog, Jump with A and Grab/Throw boxes with B. On the Keyboard, player 1 moves with the WASD keys, jumps with C and grabs with V, while player 2 moves with the Arrow keys, jumps with O and grabs with P.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just unzip the folder and open with Unity


Programming and kebab-greasy hands:

Oran Bar
Danilo Aimini

Graphics and late-night discussions about chickens:

Roberto Zangaro
Fabio Pietrobono

Directing and spirits pouring:

Marco Bartoccioni

Music and infinite patience:

Paolo Giacci

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