Tiny Wave

Vacation gone wrong: Tiny was swimming in the sea nearby an island, when he was attacked by a giant shark named Henry. Supernatural powers (player) has to help Tiny escape the attack and return him back to the island safely. Gameplay & Controls: You control the water! You control Tiny indirectly, help him avoid Shark attacks by shaping water and throwing him around, until he reaches safety - an island in the background. Hold/Press Left Mouse Button on water to shift waves. Pull down the water with LMB to charge up your waves.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 


1) Extract the downloaded .ZIP file

2) Open the project with Unity 5.



1) Extract the downloaded .ZIP file

2) Locate TinyWave.exe

3) Launch & Play


Luka Kvirikashvili

Jennita Joosse

Hugo Peters

Pavel Stoimenov

Simon Abou-Assi

Marco Donkers

Alex Meesters

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