Tidal Takedown

In Tidal Takedown, you play as a wave trying to make a name for itself in an overcrowded bay packed to the brim with turtles, tankers, and least of all, your competition. Merge with waves smaller than you to increase your size while scooping up anything you can get your watery hands on, from ships to surfers to sea life–the larger you are, the more you can carry along in your wake, and the more points you'll get at game's end! But be sure to avoid your larger counterparts: colliding with a wave bigger than you means you lose size, pick-ups, and the points that come along with them. When you're ready to risk it, it's time to head to the shore and show those land-walkers what you're made of! Will you end your journey as a mighty tsunami, capable of toppling the island's sparkling metropolis? Or a meager low-tide, barely fit to tip over a sandcastle?
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Amanda End: Engineer

Ray Grice: Designer, Engineer

JT Johnson: 3D Artist,

Ryan Ike: Music, Audio

Game Stills: