TechnoDolphin (Fixed DL)

TechnoDolphin is a 2-D 2v2 race game in which teamwork is of utmost importance. The dolphin must use sonar to find soft blocks that the narwhal can break through quickly to beat the other team to the finish line. Using 2 monitors to separate members of a team, dolphin players must scout ahead and communicate the quick blocks (without X's) to the narwhal players, using only dolphin squeaks and pointing their in-game character. (Players: 1-3 Xbox 360 Controllers, 4 Keyboard) (LS & A, WASD & Space)
Jam year: 
Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires 2 Monitors, 3 Controllers, and a keyboard.
Installation Instructions: 

Executable: Just unzip the Executable and its data, and run the .exe.

For the Source Code: It's a Unity Project Folder. Open it the same way you would any other that you'd download.


Andrew Welby

David Rocker

Dan Justice

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Source files: