Tales of Layinskia

Our adventure begins at a time so remote that legends could not be told apart from reality -- the exact nature of this story thus remains uncertain. Behold the story of Layinskia. Layinskia is about to wake up. After being away for a hundred years, she is about to go back to her previous life of luxury, her castle, her people -- or so she thought. She doesn’t know that the whole region has been taken over by war during her absence. A army of enemies - half-human, half-animal creatures - has reached the area and taken control of the kingdom. As she wakes, she quickly realizes that her house has been invaded as well. Fortunately, she owns an artefact, Azaneth’s Light, that will allow her to get rid of the intruders. She only needs to find it.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity 4 life <3.
Installation Instructions: 

Arts :
Amandine 'Ah-mandine' Lauer

Game Design :
Bilel 'Bopopro' Fourati
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux
Robin 'Roharkyn' Houssais

Lore :
Robin 'Roharkyn' Houssais

Musics :
Maxime '0_be_1' Duhommet

Bilel 'Bopopro' Fourati
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux
Nicolas 'Toux' Bontoux
Robin 'Roharkyn' Houssais
Wilfried Magne

Sounds :
Paul 'Salamort' Gaston

Everyone :)

The music is from The Lasts Guardians ; 1:14 and was rework by Maxime '0_be_1' Duhommet

Game Stills: