Super MicroWave Odyssey

An odyssey about ... 2 Microwaves. Fight and use your waves to eliminate your foe out of the arena and protect yourself. Each time you crash yourself on the land, you move your opponent on the direction you are facing. You can create waves to use them as platforms or walls. Player 1 : Moves : Arrows Crash : Down Wave : Right Shift Player 2 : Moves : ZQD Crash : S Wave : F Quit the game : Alt+F4
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Team Mexican Wave

Florian Noir : Programmeur en Chef

Sébastien Lopez : Animateur, Level Designer, Progammeur

Thomas Pilling : Game designer, Chara Designer, Sound Designer

Alexis Chapuis : Level Designer, Graphiste

Fabien Chevillard : Level Designer, Graphiste

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