STORYTRICK is a card-game that's also a creative storytelling tool! You play with your friends to tell a story with the help of the Storytrick cards. These cards represent events, people, objects or locations in your tale. Together you manage the waves of rising and falling tension as you work towards the finale.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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The game is a physical card game. Print to play yourself!
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Download and unpack the archive. Then print the cards. While your printer is hard at work take some time to read the rules to learn how the game is played. Then invite your friends for a round of Storytrick. Since you friends are very busy and important people you will have enough time to cut out the cards in the meantime to get everything ready for your collaborative story!


- Do print no solid card stock if you can. using regular paper makes the cards really hard to handle. If you only have paper at your disposal, you can put the paper into card sleeves or glue them onto a pack of old poker cards to make for a better play experience

- There are no card backs included but there are two very different types of cards. It is helpful if you mark these cards so you can differentiate during play. For example by using differently colored paper to print them or by drawing a simple shape on their backs.



Design: Martin Nerurkar with Felix Schneider

Intial Brainstorming: Martin Nerurkar,  Felix Schneider and Peter Petermann

Artwork from CharlesGabriel, PWL and Bevoullin via

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