Appease monsters with their favorite music in SPOOKY FM, a 2D sidescroller survival game! Play as a radio DJ who changes their station’s music to control an ongoing stream of monsters, take audience requests, and keep the ratings up! You’ll also battle your station’s awful WiFI connection, and your own caffeine dependency. Protect your radio station! Appease the monsters! Get that coffee! It’s SPOOKY FM! CONTROLS BECAUSE THEY'RE NOWHERE IN-GAME: Arrow Keys or A-D - Walk left and right. 1, 2, 3 buttons - At desk, switch between the three radio stations. Space - Restart wifi router (to the left), drink coffee (to the right). RULES: 1. Each monster is driven back by a different radio station (when the monitor matches their skin color). Switch between radio stations to scare them off. If they make it to your desk, they'll start lowering your ratings. If your ratings drop to zero (the rating counter might be broken), it's game over. 2. Switch stations to the song request on the screen to increase your rating. 3. Comcast fucking sucks. When the "ON AIR" sign next to your desk turns off, you won't be able to change songs until you restart the router on the left of the screen. 4. DJ PJ has a crippling caffeine addiction. As the coffee meter in the top left starts to drop, your walking speed slows to a crawl. Refill at the coffee machine to the right.
Jam year: 
The colour and the shape
Chipping In
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Ben Fickes
Uniteam Player (Programming)

Connor Gerrits 
Director of Sassafras (Programming)

Steve Krueger
Pun-geon Master (Programming)

Mark Speedy
Very fast doggo running at incredible hihg speed (Programming)

Rabbit Giraud
Thrillustrator (Art)

Aaron Salomon
Monster Masher (Art)

Marie Yatsyk
Pixel Wrangler (Art)

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