Space Radio Hunt

You are a bored worker at a space station trying to scan the void for any interesting signals. Fiddle knobs on your radio and follow hints to reveal hidden messages. Each knob controls one axis between -180 and +180 degrees and all the three have to be aligned correctly. Pressing the green 'SEND'-button probes the selected coordinates and a message is received if the angles were correct (=close enough). A noisy wave can be seen on the small screens if you missed but there was a signal nearby. However, all the noisy waves may not hint to the same signal. ;) Received messages are stored and displayed on the big screen and can be browsed with the arrow buttons. Some hints can be found from the messages too so read carefully. Happy hunting! :)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Message database and discovery logic runs on server side allowing multiple different clients to be developed against HTTP API. It's also possible to add new messages/content later from public data feeds or news sites for example.

mikeful, code + messages

harmaasilmä, graphics

Blastra, messages + sounds