Space Invaders With Waves

Our team takes plurals very seriously and because the theme of GGJ17 was not Wave but Waves, our team aimed for the biggest amount of different wave-types of all the game jam games. Therefore Space Invaders With Waves Includes five different types of waves: The first wave-type is a quantum wave we coded in the game that shows the real name of the game only if no-one is looking at the written name when the game starts and looks elsewhere. When everyone is watching it will show the name "Space Invaders With Waves". Try not to look to see the real name. The second wave-type in this game is the gravitational wave each player can shoot. Each player can have only one gravitational wave on the at once. Each player's gravitational wave has it's unique color. The gravitational wave pulls the ball towards it from both directions giving the simple gameplay a strategic element, when you have to time the shooting of your gravitational wave precisely in order it to have the right effect. The third wave-type in our game is the super-cool effect of the distortion wave that the gravitational wave creates affecting the whole screen (excluding the UI scores). Obviously the distortion gets really bad when both gravitational waves are at play since the magnitudes of the distortion waves are summed up together and therefore the effect accumulates. The fourth wave-type is the wave in the name of our team: The 4th Wave Feminist Reagans. (we added fourth wave since we have previously been known as The Feminist Reagans and feminism has reached it's third _wave_ and we think it's time for the fourth wave and GGJ17 is the perfect timing with it's 'Waves' theme.) The fifth wave-type is probably the most awesomest of the wave types in our game: the gravitational wave's effect reaches also the sound waves of our music altering the qualities of the sound. So the music's own waves are affected by the gameplay waves therefore creating whole new waves and the music becomes hugely 'wavey'. The different players gravitational wave-pulse effects different factors in the sound and once again these effects are added to each other when both gravitational waves are at play. Check it out! =) And check out all the five different wave-types =)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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