Sonar - A Song in the Darkness

This is a game about the story of two walking bats, who wish to find each other in a pitch black maze. Many dangers linger for a bat that cannot fly, but their echolocation helps them to find the way. Step in and help them find each other!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Developed in Unity Graphics done in Pyxel Edit, GraphicsGale and Photoshop Sounds edited in Audacity Release History: Version 1.01: Resolved a bug that did not show traps and items on some systems.
Installation Instructions: 

Simply open the executable and run the game with the preset settings. A display in 16:9 format is required, 1080p recommended.

Player 1 controls with WASD to move and Left CTRL to shoot out a Sonarwave

Player 2 controls with the Arrow Keys to move and Right CTRL to shoot out a Sonarwave.


Game Design - Michael Bonfert, Kim Korsching, Inga Lehne, Roman Arzaroli, Stefan Finke, Mikkel Beyer

Level Design - Mikkel Beyer

Programming - Michael Bonfert, Kim Korsching, Inga Lehne, Roman Arzaroli

Game Art - Stefan Finke, Mikkel Beyer

Music - Francisco Chaves

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