Smurfs Surf Season

The Smurfs are heading to an Island to name their surf smurf! You need to help them by managing the various beaches. Each smurf will surf at a beach that meets his desires. The player will need to create buldings, announce events and prevent the beaches from being to crowded. The goal is to earn as much money as possible before the smurf surf season ends!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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The Smurfs will move automatically to the beach that suits their needs best. Your goal is too improve the rating for each beach by clicking the red buttons to activate buffs. Only one buff at a time can be active. If you have low waves at the beach, use the jet ski buff to have them up for rent at the beach. If the fun is low, start an event by buffing the megaphone.

You can also place up to two huts at each beach to earn money from the smurfs at that beach. A hut costs 1.000. If Gargamel shows up, he will kidnap the Smurfs at the beach. Call the Gargamel buff as soon as he appears to make the smurfs leave that beach.

Earn as much money during the smurf surf season (90 ingame days). You can use the fast forward buttons to increase the game speed.

Mouse Cursor + Left Click: Play
ESC: Quit Game


Idea & Game Design: Lukas Höppner & Lars Peterke

Code: Lukas Höppner

Graphics: Lars Peterke

Music: "Surfin USA (8 bit version)" by Shian (

Fonts used: "The Smurfs" by johndoo, "C&C Red Alert" by N3tRunn3r

"The Smurfs" is a registered trademark by Studio Peyo, but frankly we just don't care.

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