Into the Shuttle

Solar flares are suddently damaging the shield of your ship. You soon realize that those flares are dangerous when they reach your captain's room, killing him. Lucky for you, he called a shuttle just before its death. Until the shuttle arrives, escape the radiation by navigating from room to room. In the meantime, gather as much data as possible by interacting with the computers. You can also punch other players to prevent them from completing their action.
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The colour and the shape
Chipping In
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad, Generic mobile platform
Technology Notes: 
Connect your phone to a specific IP address and control the game with your phone! The main game is projected on the computer screen. We used the software Tiled + Phaser + Typescript. The server was made using Node.js. For the mobile lobby, we're using Inferno.js.

Osman Zeki : ozeki

Frederic Charette : fcharette

Damon Perron : drawm

Nicolas Gauthier-Regis : nzcontak

Game Stills: