Shot Waves

It is an arcade-like game, we built using recycled wood, plastic tubes, 8 speakers, 8 leds, an Arduino and a potentiometer. It consists of a crossbow and a target sistem (8 inline leds mounted on a stick) This is how to play: Turn it on, a led shines, you have to adjust the inclination of the crossbow and shoot, depending on how you incline it you can hit or miss, if you hit, playful music sounds! The game ends when you hit 3 targets. Check it out (spanish)
Jam year: 
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Technology Notes: 
As our game is played with custom physical devices, we used an Arduino.
Installation Instructions: 

The code for the arduino is on GitHub


The Team

Angelica Tenorio
Graphic Design, Audio 8bit music design

Ricardo Mastachi
Game concept, Electrical architect, Assembly, Woodwork, Mechanics

Hugo Aguirre
Arduino programming, Game concept

Israel Cruz
Assembly assistant, Mechanics, woodwork


Game Stills: