Shock Wave

"Shock Wave is a competitive Battle Arena where everything goes SHAKE with the waves of attacks. Battle for survival with one of four super-powerful characters." The digital game "Shock Wave" is for PC platform, with Engine Unity support, multiplayer and accepts commands defined for both keyboard and joystick. The objective is to take the opponent out of the arena. For this, your avatar controls a unique artillery that produces a certain type of wave from the characteristics of the weapon.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Tools used by the team in the creative process: 3DS Max; Maya 3D; Paint Tool SAI; Photoshop CC; Garage Band;
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and play, it's simple.

Each person has a default controller, you only need to move.


Arrows - move, 1 - basic attack, 2 - special attack

Wasd- move, j - basic attack, k - special attack

Analogic- move, X - basic attack, Y - special attack



André D’angelis - 2D Artist - concepts and menu;

Beatriz Amazonas - 3D Artist - scenarios;

Érica Calil - Game Designer;

Klinger KabuKi - 3D Artist and Animator - characters;

Luiz Gustavo - Programmer and Animator;

Vinicius Borges - Programmer and Animator;

Vitor Gabriel - Digital Marketing;


Samuel Ribeiro (IFRJ) - Sound Track

Francisco De Souza Sergio Júnior - Sound Effects

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