Shatter Stomp

This is an asymmetric multiplayer VR / desktop game played on a single computer. A battle of speed and evasion. The VR controllers are strapped to the VR player's shins to track walking, kicking and stomping movements in the world. The VR player stomps and kicks their way through a puny city (puny to them!) as an ultimate giant robot of destruction. Their aim: to seek out tiny humans and exterminate them, turning any places of refuge in their path to dust. The desktop player must continually re-position the defenseless panicking human crowds to keep them out of harms way; but there is still hope for victory! W.A.V.E.S (The Weaponized Autonomous Villain Eradication Satellite) is a slow moving yet powerful laser emitting force from the heavens. If they can just keep the robot in place long enough, maybe they have a chance to position it over the robot and annihilate the threat. In the ultimate showdown, will the robot squish all of the city's tiny inhabitants, or will they retaliate fast enough to save the lucky survivors?
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product), Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
To build the game we used two Vive headsets in a single (two lighthouse) VR space for faster testing. The Vive controllers were attached to the players shins to track foot movement. The team had to build custom controller holsters for the VR player. Each controller is mounted upside down along the player's shin for optimal tracking and consistency of positioning across players of different height or size. The game is played in room scale with moderate traversal in the immediate space, and traversal over larger distances using a controller button.

Andrada Tudor: Programming, Project Management

Bram Kleiman: Game Balancing

Brenton March: 3D Modelling/Art

Chris Tammik: Programming, VFX, More Git Conflict Resolution

Chuck Bergeron: Sound & Music Composition, Git Conflict Resolution

Daniel Mullins: Programming, UI, Art

Jesse Olafson[sic]: Sound Effects (c/o Tree of Audio!)

Kellan Higgins: Programming

Kielse Nodari: 3D Modeling, Programming

Kyle Romano: 3D Modelling/Art

Rob Merki: Programming

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