Shaka Shaka Monsters

Shaka Shaka Monsters is a 2 Players competitive sidescroller game. You control either the red or the green surfing godzilla and your objective is to defeat the other monster and surf the wave to destroy Tokyo! If the crushing wave or the energy beam hits you you loose a life. The first player have no more life looses. Controls: Left analog stick - Movement A - fire an energy beam (when ready) R (keyboard) - Restart Objects: Mines and Sharks - Temporarily stun Surfers - Eat them to gain one charge for the energy beam Hang Gliders - Eat them to gain two charge for the energy beam Heart balloon - Gives one life
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Programming - Yuri Farina, Andrea Bozzi 

Arts - Alessio Pianesani, Annalisa Sabadini, Andrea Bozzi  

UI - Valerio Santamaria                                                                        

Design - Andrea Bozzi                                                                                    

? - Gianfranco

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