A game in which two participants take on the role of old fashioned, seasoned, veteran opera singers. With their literal ear shattering voices that can destroy wineglasses. Both players have their own tower made of many glasses but some are not like the others. A couple of glasses clearly belong to the opponent and you can't live with that. By using your well trained voice, you pinpoint the exact frequency at which those glasses will break. With each broken glass the tower gets ever so slightly less stable. Before you know it, the whole tower comes crashing down and only a few glasses remain on your table.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Developed in Unity. Programmed with Visual Studio. Art made with Photoshop. Project management with SourceTree.
Installation Instructions: 

Just download the executable below and double click the .exe to start.

The controls are pretty self explanatory and will be shown in the game, but just in case, here are the controls:

player left: A = lower frequency, D = higher frequency

player right: left arrow = lower frequency, right arrow = higher frequency


Team name: 'Teamy Turner'
Jurjen Biewenga, Robert Mertens, Tony Fial, Judith Pouw

Game Design and concept: entire team

Programming: Jurjen Biewenga, Robert Mertens, Tony Fial

2d art: Judith Pouw

Audio: Daniel 'Dirkje' Haitink

Game Stills: