Scan Bot

Welcome to the world of Scan Bot ! You can find here how the game plays. Our game is based on using echolocation in order to picture your environment. While the main character can see his surroudings, he has a very limited field of view, which can be " expanded " through the use of the soundwaves. The soundwaves go through basic walls but are stopped upon collisioning with a steel wall. There are two types of soundwaves : - The focused wave which deals damage to ennemies, goes pretty far but follows a very narrow cone pattern. - The detection wave which goes outwards from the character in a circle pattern and expands but doesn't go as far as the focused one. This soundwave is much more utility based as it doesn't do damage, thus not alerting the ennemies. You have a limited amount of time to go from the start to the end. You can increase that time by collecting pick ups through the level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controlling : w or up arrow = move up a or left arrow = move left s or down arrow = move down d or right arrow = move right Mouse : Aim Mouse 1 : Fire Focused Wave Mouse 2 : Fire Detection Wave Pick ups : Time pick up : Increases your remaining time by 20s Health packs : Heals you for 50 hp Feel free to explore and have fun !
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Emmanuel Schmuck (lead) : Prog, GD, LD
Corentin Allouis : Prog, GD
Aymeric Estreich : Prog, GD
Maxime Droin: LD, GD
Alexandre Barnoud : Graphist
Maia Steinberg : Sound Design


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