Rungholt's Heritage

For 2 to 6 players. One playthrough lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. MATERIAL - 1x gamemap - 6x boats - 66x eventcards - 1x four-sided dice - 1x wavepower-indicator - 6x coins THE STORY In the year 1362 the island and city of Rungholt was destroyed by a great storm. Myths and legends started to form and sooner or later it was proclaimed as the atlantis of the north. On an island not too far away four pirate captains heard of the myths. They are all pretty greedy and now want to have the treasures told of in the legends. Each player is one of these pirates and you will try to get to the island long before the others can to plunder it all for yourself. But beware! The creatures of the sea and the sea itself may be under enemy control... THE OBJECTIVE Be the first to arrive at the island Südfall before the other pirates and claim the treasure for you and your wealth. LAUNCH THE BOATS Each pirate chooses a boatcolor and puts his own boat into the home port. Then everyone takes three eventcards from the pile. The youngest pirate starts the first round. THE GAMEROUND One round will last for the duration of each player’s turn. For each round the wave’s strength will be diced and displayed with the wave strength-indicator. The player‘s turn changes clockwise. THE TURNS Each turn is played in a fixed order: - If the player has less than three cards on his hand, he can take a new one from the pile. If he has three cards he can decide if he wants to discard one card and after that takes a new one. It’s not allowed to have more than three cards on your hand at any time. - After that he can play an eventcard, e.g. to attack another player or to boost his own move. - Then he rolls the dice to move his boat: He moves forward for the combined numbers the wave strength and his diced number produce. - The next player’s turn begins. THE GAMEMAP The map is divided into four fields: - The „calm“ is the first one, there are no special rules. At the end oft he field is a little crossroad where the player has to decide which way he wants to continue on. - The „mudflat“ is the longest way, but when the waves grow strong (wave strength 3 and 4), the player can sail fast and take shortcuts. When he leaves the field, he gains a specialty: if he must move backwards (e.g. because of an attack or the current), the player can move one field forward again. - The „stone“-field is a little bit shorter than the mudflat. But because of the stones, the player can only take the shortcuts during lower waves (wavepower 1 and 2). After leaving the stones-field the player gains also a specialty: to each diceroll he can add one step. - The finishing line is the „current“. To enter Südfall, each pirateboat must sail through a strong current. When the player stops on one of the marked current fields, he must move back one row on the current-line. Each player can only be pushed one time each turn from the current. THE EVENTCARDS There are two types of eventcards: - Action cards; they can be played on the players turn (e.g. attacking another player). - Reaction cards; they can be played when it is necessary (e.g. blocking an attack).
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Local Lore
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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We are crafting all off the assets with our own hands! All asset-text are written in german.
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Draw the map, print and cut the eventcards, fold the boats, craft the wavestrength-indicator - have some pirate-fun! 


a pirate boardgame by

Sonja Seliger

Hark Ohlsen

Henner Bendig

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